Do’s and Don’ts: contouring

Hello everyone!

I have seen so many Youtube tutorials on ‘How to contour 101’ and ‘How to contour the right way’ that I can see why people just don’t know how to contour. Everyone does it differently. I have tried a lot of things and some things worked for me, some things didn’t. And I am going to tell you the do’s and don’ts on contouring.

DON’T do cream contouring when you’re not ready. 

A lot of people just start with cream contouring like it is the only way to contour. It isn’t. Cream products can be a little hard to work with and hard to dose. If you are a beginner, try a powder contour. They are way easier to build up if you feel like you need to.

DO use color correcting 

It seems like color correcting has nothing to do with contouring and highlighting. But it does! If you have dark circles, you should opt for a highlighting powder with a banana shade. The yellow blocks out the dark circle. 😉

DON’T use a warm toned powder to contour 

When I was younger there were no contour kits on the market yet. But still, Kim K walked around with a fierce contour on her face. So I searched on the internet and said you could use a bronzer. Nothing. Fucking. Happened. it just looked MUDDY. After a while, I figured out that a cooler brown works a lot better for me.

DO use a matte highlighter and a shiny one

For the entire undereye area it is nice to have a matte highlighter powder. It looks very natural and you can make your cheekbones pop with a touch of shiny highlighter.

DON’T use a shimmery color to contour with 

Contouring is all about adding shadows to your face and lighten some parts of the face up to optically correct the face. What doesn’t belong with a shadow? Exactly, shimmer and light. Nuff said, right?

DO clean up your contour after you’re done contouring 

A lot of people don’t do this. But I like a sharp contour so if I do powder contour, I go underneath my contour to clean it up. If I use a cream contour, I go in with a little bit of concealer.

So, these were the do’s and don’ts I recommend to you. If you have additions or other tips, please leave them in in comments below!




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