My visit to the mesologist

Hello everyone!

Like some of you might know, I have visited a mesologist in June. In this post I would like to tell you more about this visit and mesology.

Why a mesologist? 

I have had tummy pains since I was 11 years old. Every time I ate something outdoors I felt sick and had a huge pain in my tummy. This only got worse while I got older. Now I still have them and I felt like my metabolism worked very slowly. Also several visits to the doctor didn’t help. The doctor said he couldn’t find anything wrong in my tummy and said that I have colon spasms… Which is a thing they tell you when they haven’t found anything within 6 months. I also got some pills which I researched. They were placebo pills. Don’t know how the doctor thought it would help.. So that was when I decided to go to a mesologist.

What is a mesologist? 

A mesologist is some sort of ‘alternative’ doctor. He doesn’t use blood tests like usual doctors do. He looks at your tongue, feels your wrists and he measures the energy on several points on your feet and hands. If he has found what is wrong with you, he prescribes you herbal medicine. I don’t see the dangers of herbal medicine. I think usual medicine are really bad for you. The natural option always seems better to me.

How was my experience with a mesologist? 

At first I had the idea that I was going to a crazy professor (my mesologist actually looks like a crazy professor). Before I went there, I had to fill in a huge list with questions. So at first we had a conversation about the things I filled in. Then he started his examination. I also felt really awkward when he was looking at my tongue and my wrists. And afterwards I had to sit on a huge chair (a dentist chair but way way better). And he started measuring my hands and wrote some things down. Apparently, the points he was measuring are connected with several organs. The funny thing was that he also saw that my heart stopped beating for a while when I was born. Immediately he told me that I am lactose intolerant. Something I have thought for years. Also he said that my pancreas doesn’t make enough enzyme to make sure fats and protein are processed. And lastly, he told me that my kidney wasn’t working properly. So after that he measured the same points again, but with the help of the medicine he was about to prescribe to me.

What are my experiences with this? 

I have to say that this is pretty much a tiny miracle. But, I am not someone who reminds herself to take her medicine (speaking of which, I still have to take them). Especially not 3 different meds. When I do take my medicine my body feels like it is burning every single calorie I eat/drink in the best way. I also sweat a lot more when I work out. And my tummy feels a lot more calm. BUT, I do have to stay away from milk based products.

If you have any questions about mesology, please let me know!




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