Hello everyone! 

It is time for a personal post again. I have seen that I have a lot of issues with setting boundaries and I also see that a lot of other people I know struggle with it. In this post I am going to explain why we have this and what you and I can do. 

Research has proven that women are people who have a hard time saying the word ‘no’. This is because we, women, want to be seen as nice people. And because of this we keep on accepting invitations to things we don’t want to attend to and accepting things (which you’re actually not so okay with) a lot more. At some point you accept so much that you will end up at the point you just can’t deal with life anymore. It’s okay if you reach that point. Because of this you will learn that you should stick to your boundaries more. Because why do we want to be seen as nice people? Would people actually think that we are not nice if we say ‘no’ once in a while? Think about that. And you will see that it is not that big of a deal. 

I know you must think that this is easier said than done. It is! I admit that. But try it just once. When I first tried it, my mind was going craycray. I was asking all of these “what if..??” questions. When actually.. You can’t fill in blanks for other people. Leave them open. Leave it to them to fill those in. 

I hope I made someone feel better with this post! 




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