Summer Skincare Routine

Hello everyone!

I have done a winter skincare routine this winter, and I thought of doing a summer skincare routine too! My skincare in the summer really differs because I have a greasy skin in the summer and a very dry skin in the winter. I have noticed that my skin is reacting well on having an SPF filter on at all times. Also, I have discovered a few other products for my skin that work really well for me.

Like last post, I will mention the products and give an explanation below:

  • Clinique Take the day off balm
  • Clinique Pep start hydrorush SPF20

Clinique Take the day off balm

I have seen so many reviews on this balm before I bought it. I was in shock. I always struggle with taking my cake face off. This thing is like a cream you have to apply to your face and it melts off all of your makeup. But the cream is not cream-like but oil-like. You can compare it to coconut oil. I think that will even work the same. But I ain’t mad at it. It is a great makeup remover. Your face is actually clean.

Clinique Pep start hydrorush SPF20 

I was looking for a nice primer with an SPF filter because I would go to Surinam. Unfortunately, no primer with SPF at both stores. The only brand who would get a primer with SPF would be Urban Decay but they wouldn’t launch it before June. SO. I decided to go for a moisturiser with SPF20. I was really surprised that the cream wasn’t expensive at all. It wasn’t even 20 euros. It smells like summer and it moisturises without leaving a greasy film all over the skin. The SPF20 protects you from UVB radiation and it keeps your skin from getting old (think of hyper pigmentation and wrinkles).

I still use some products from the winter routine. I use the Origins GinZing Scrub Cleanser to wash my face and the Zwitsal Soft Cream to moisturise my face before going to bed.

Hope you thought my tips were useful!




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