7-Day Vegan Challenge

Hi guys!,

Okii. So. I have been dieting for more than a month now and.. My colons are being a bitch. My colons are hurting some of the time while I just eat healthy. And I don’t know where it’s from! A few years back I went to the doctor for this and he said I have a spastic colon.. I feel like it’s a stamp which they put on your forehead when they just can’t find a cause for your tummy pains. Sometimes my belly acts up because of fats and sometimes it even acts up because of dairy products. I talked to my coach about this and she brought up eating vegan. It is really hard so I was like: why not try it for a week! I hooked up a colleague of mine who already has some experience in eating vegan and we are doing it. WE ARE DOING A 7-DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE! So I need your guys help. If you have any recipes, PLEASE let me know!



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