New in: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

Hello everyone!,

So today I went out to get groceries for tonight and I saw the DPD van going away from our building. I suddenly asked myself the following question: IS THAT MY HUDA BEAUTY PALETTE?? So I rushed to my mailbox after I got home, and there it was. A package which said ‘Royal Mail’. I opened the package and I directly wanted to play with my new piece of makeup.

First of all, I know this palette is reviewed a lot. But there are a lot of different opinions on it. More about that at the end of this post.

The look of the palette 

The palette has the same look as the other products from Huda Beauty. There is a box with the product which you have to slide out of another box. When you did that, you will see a black palette with 18  beautiful shades. The lid of the palette has a type of seethrough plastic. I’d rather have a mirror instead, but it doesn’t bother me since I use the small mirrors which are in my other palettes or powders.


First, swatches.

Bottom row (top to bottom: sandalwood, henna, maneater, coco, suede and black truffle) 
These colors are beautiful basic colors. Sandalwood is a really nice crease color. Henna is a nice  color if you want to warm up the crease. Maneater is a vibrant red color which can also be used in the crease. Coco is a darker crease color which is perfect to deepen out the crease for a smokey eye. Suede is a nice crease color for a smokey eye and to top off the smokey eye, there is Black Truffle. Black Truffle is the blackest eyeshadow I have EVER seen.

Middle row (top to bottom: moon dust, bae, shy, flamingo, bossy and #blessed) 

Moon dust.. Couldn’t Huda just make a bigger package with this color!! This would be the prettiest highlighter EVER. Further we have bae and shy. I see why the color bae is called bae. I love to apply this after I have applied my eyeshadowbase. It makes sure I can blend out the colors way better. Shy is a similar color, but with pink undertones. Flamingo is a bright pink color, which I am not a big fan of. I think I won’t use this color a lot. Bossy is a reddish color, which I also love. THEN. The first one of the colors I looked  forward to. This palette is the first one which has pressed pigments. I swatched #blessed. I fell in love. This is the type of gold which I love on my eyes. And it seems like Huda took a star, mixed it with pigment, and put it in this palette. It shines, SUPERBRIGHT.

Top row (top to bottom: angelic, trust fund,  rose gold, 24k, fling and dubai) 
These colors. SWEET. MOTHER. OF. JESUS. Like I said, it almost seems like Huda took a star from the sky or crushed a diamond, mixed it with the color and put it in this palette. All of these six colors, they speak for themselves. They are just perfect. They also feel a little sticky and they aren’t the best colors to apply with a brush. You really have to apply them with your fingers. I think they are shinier with a glitter glue underneath it.

All of these opinions 
Like I said earlier in this post, all these reviews share another opinion. Like some others I lovelove LOVE this palette. Some negative reviews say that the matte colors are chalky. I don’t have this opinion. Yes, they appear chalky when you swatch them. But when applied with a good brush, it is divine! They feel really buttery. Some other reviews say that there is no possible way to use the pressed pigments. There is. Use your fingers. It is not a loose pigment that you can pick up with a brush. A really dense brush can help too, but the best way is to use your fingers.

So this was my honest review of the Huda Beauty palette. This is probably my new favorite in my eyeshadow collection. This is also a very travelfriendly palette. It has a lot of colors which you can use for a lot of different looks. You can make some natural looks, some smokey eye looks, some halo eye looks, everything. Some shades are also good to contour with.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!,




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