Every day workout challenge: before

Helllo everyone,

Like I said, I am going to keep you guys posted on my measurements etc before I start this challenge. I have started to be critical about my food choices and it kinda works already. But ofcourse, you can only see results if you can measure them.

First, I will tell you more about my measurements. I always measure my body parts in centimeters (just to see where I gained and lost weight) and go on my scale which also weighs body fat percentage, muscle percentage and of course my weight.

My measurements at this moment:

  • Weight: 72,1kg
  • Fat percentage: 29,5%
  • Muscle percentage: 32,8%
  • Lower belly: 95cm
  • Belly: 88cm
  • Hips: 105cm
  • Chest: 93cm
  • Upper leg: 51cm
  • Lower leg: 37cm
  • Waist: 82cm

I have gained some weight within the last 17 days, but I expect that to be gone first. Because it is known that weight that has been gained recently, goes off pretty fast too.

On February 1st I will be starting with this challenge. I will try to give you weekly updates on my measurements and about how I feel.

Who is with me these two months?



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