New years resolutions 2017

Hello everyone,

First: happy new year to everyone! May your year be filled with luck, love and the best health. For some people 2016 was a year they want to forget about ASAP. 2016 was a rollercoaster for me. Maybe it is because we started at a very low point in January and we went up since the last half of 2016. I actually hit the lowest of low in April. April was the month that everything got way too much for me. I got anxiety attacks and I needed a lot of time for myself. At that time I learned to stand up for myself and say no for once. After that, I found myself again and I became the old me.
Like I said, the second half of 2016 was better. Like always in summer I felt a lot happier and we got some important things done in the last half year of 2016.

2017 has already started and I am ready to kick this year’s ass. Before I want to note down my resolutions, I want to say that I don’t really have those. Haha. Most of the things are things that I already do or want to try or start doing this year.

1. Getting into shape way way WAY more 
People who know me might tell me that I am doing a great job already. But I always feel like you can do a little better. So I do want to adjust my diet a little and try to make time for the gym a little more. I have been slacking the first week of January, so I might want to be a little more strict.
Also, I have made a new schedule with my trainer. It basically makes me do more weights than cardio (if you want to know what my schedule looks like, please let me know).
For this year I want to try new things. I am going to Surinam in April. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could walk in my summer clothes not worrying about how I look? Hella YES it WOULD. When I was watching the VS Show last year, they said that they went to the gym everyday for 2 months before the show. Of course I know they look way better than me to start with. But wouldn’t it be cool to know if it is manageable as someone who has an entire household and a job?

2. Kicking ass at school 
I recently received my propedeuse. So that means I am going to uni in september. Before that I will have to make sure everything is structured in my life. I need to start planning again. And I need to be in my best study shape I have ever been.

3. Getting my house done 
I recently moved and we still need to do SOOO much in this house. It already feels like a home but there are small things that need to be done. Like: buying a clock for the living room, buy mirrors, hang some paintings in the living room etc. Also a few practical things need to be done (like perfecting the paintjob we did).

4. Counting my blessings a little more 
I feel like I had a lot of blessings in 2016, but I didn’t really cherish every little thing like I should (in my opinon). So I plan to be a little more thankful for the positive things that happen in my life.

So these are my new years resolutions for this year. Do you have new years resolutions?



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