Hello everyone,

I feel like it was time for a personal post again. Do you know that time at the end of every single year that you have a list of expectations for the next year? I have them every year. And I think now it is a good time to reflect on them.

At the end of 2015 someone told me to aim higher than my own goals. If I look back at this year I didn’t really do that. I failed to get my propedeuse because of one test I got an 5,2 on. I failed to get the diplomas I need for work. But I did learn that it is no use to get angry at yourself because all of these failures. I didn’t got my propedeuse to go to uni in september. It probably wasn’t written in the stars for me. Something better was scheduled. I was able to get a year off school to work some things out.

Also a lot of things happened this year which I didn’t expect. For example: me moving out. Like I said in the post ‘Changes’ I wasn’t really planning on moving out. But at some point, I needed my own space. Having my own place also made me a lot happier. No one tells me that I shouldn’t put the remote on the sofa and stuff like that. But I must say, that I kinda develop some rules of my own. I hate it when my house is a mess so I clean up every once in a week (mostly more).

School is on low heat at this moment. Next year I will have the retake on my test and hopefully I will also start at uni. Jobwise.. I just hope I am able to get these diploma’s and if not, I think there is something else for me. Lovewise.. All is well! In february we will celebrate our 5th year anniversary. I am very curious to see what the bae has planned for me (hint, hint, HINT).

I am not going to bother you anymore with my personal bullshit-talk. I am going to wish you a very, very, very nice christmas. Make sure you are celebrating it with loved ones. And don’t forget: if something doesn’t go as planned, don’t beat yourself up, something better is in the stars for you.



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