Christmas present: TooFaced Grande Hotel Cafe

Hello everyone!,

Last week I was a little anxious about my Sephora order. I didn’t receive a tracking number. And finally, last week the doorbell rang and the UPS guy said: ‘I have a package for you!’. And then there it was, my long expected Sephora box.

I actually gave myself a christmas present. Because while christmas shopping you cannot forget about yourself. I bought myself the TooFaced Grande Hotel Cafe set. It contains 3 palettes which smell all differently and a mini version of the Better Than Sex mascara. Every palette contains 6 eyeshadows and a face powder (a blush or a bronzer).

Eggnog Latte Palette 
The first palette in the set is the Eggnog Latte one. It contains very glamorous colors for christmas. Besides that it also contains a very nice green color. I am not sure where I am going to use this green color for yet, but we will get there eventually. Also it contains a very nice peach blush. If there is a blush that I love, it is most likely a peach toned one.

Peppermint Mocha Palette 
The second palette I found was the Peppermint Mocha palette. This palette contains colors which I absolutely adore. It contains a few basic matte colors but also a few really glamorous colors. These are colors I can really work with. Also, this palette contains a candy pink blush. Not sure if I am using that but it is handy for when I try out makeup on my friends their pretty faces.

Gingerbread Cookie 
Let me tell you first, I LOVE GINGERBREAD IN WINTERTIME. So the smell of this palette was a big plus for me. This palette contains a spectrum of cool tones. Mostly mattes for a nice smokey eye. I do think that one color in particular is breathtaking. Gingersnap. It’s a type of gold color which also looks like a pressed pigment. It is very pigmented and shines A LOT.

Better Than Sex mascara
Last but not least: the mascara. I tried this mascara while wondering if I would use false lashes with this look. I decided not to, because this mascara brings out the best of my own lashes. I am probably going to order a full size of this mascara.



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