Oval Brushes: dupes vs. the real deal

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post on like the last day of the week because I have been really sick for the last couple of days and my mind wasn’t into writing for a while. So I hope you guys don’t mind that this post is a little later than planned.

So, last week I stopped by the Primark to get some christmas stuff for my christmas tree. Let’s say I did succeed there! My first christmas tree is set up in my living room. When I walked to the check out counter my eye caught a set of brushes: a set of 3 brushes which are a dupe from the Artis Oval 6 brushes. I already own a classic Oval 6 brush which Artis designed for MAC. I was really curious about this. Are these 3 brushes (worth 11 euros) as good as the real deal (worth 45 euros)?

First I started off with feeling the brushes. When I unpacked my Oval 6 it felt like a really dense brush and there was no way that I could move the brush hairs. The Primark ones are almost the same. They did feel a little less dense. Besides that, the design is completely the same. And the Primark ones have a rose golden coating all over it.

So, you might wonder if the brush does the same job as the Artis ones. First I’m going to tell you what my experience is with the Oval 6. The Oval 6 feels very soft to the skin and it actually distributes your face product evenly onto your skin. After you’re finished, you barely see any product on the brush. Which is a big plus in comparison to other foundation brushes. Other foundation brushes tend to soak up product which results into using more product. Basically, when using the Oval 6 you are opening more on a brush but you are doing your wallet a huge favor.

The Primark ones.. They tend to move around the product a lot. i have experienced the same with powders and liquid foundation. I applied my foundation first and the coverage was minimal. Then I tried to contour with the smaller brush. For me, it didn’t work out. My contour turned out really harsh and blending was out of the question. It was impossible with this brush. Afterwards I checked the brushes. The one I used for liquid foundation literally soaked up all of the product.

Final conclusion: just buy the Artis ones or the Oval brushes from a good brand (like Makeup Revolution). You will do yourself and your wallet a huge favor.



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