DIY Vanitytable

Hello everyone!

Like I mentioned in the post ‘Changes’ I moved out of my parents house. Besides all of the furniture I had to buy, I also thought of where to put my makeup. After a month I bought a vanity table. It was a huge hunt tot get a nice vanity table that I liked. Most of the stores only had a desk, or just a very small vanity table. As you all know, I love makeup A LOT. So I needed a bigger vanity table. I bought one from the Praxis.

Still, I felt like it looked a little bit dull. So after googling some ideas on the internet, I got an idea. We all love marble print right? Because of its luxury look. So then, I bought a roll of marble tape.

This roll only cost me around 5 euros. After this DIY I still had some left.

So I started the same evening. I cleaned the table and did some measuring. The first time, the measurements weren’t right. But after that, the measurements were perfect. I did have a lot of bubbles underneath the tape, but I poked little holes into the bubbles to pop them.

Now I know, you are all wondering what the end result is. So drumroll please….


This is the end result! I am very happy with it. It looks very neat and it is way easier to clean this way. And if it is way too dirty (think of foundation spills, liner, mascara, lash glue etc), then we can remove the tape and put on a new layer of tape!

What do you guys think of my DIY?




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