Most embarrassing moment of my life

Well hello everyone

I have been thinking a lot about what to write in this post. Since I am probably one of the clumsiest people in the entire world, I do have a lot of embarrassing moments entitled to my name. Think of: falling off my bike, ripping out of my jeans at work (true story, happened not too long ago), sending a text to the wrong person, you name it. But there is one particular moment that I actually felt really embarrassed but it actually turned out really well! WARNING: if you’re not into cheesy romance stories, CLICK X AND STOP READING THIS POST. 

5 years ago I started going to this intermediate vocational education school (man, I googled my ass off to translate MBO). And there was this guy I really liked. He knew about it too. But he didn’t really seemed into dating or anything. So we talked a lot to each other and that feeling was growing more and more.

One particular day (okay, okay, we kinda dated once at that point), I decided to make a move at him. It was Valentines Day and I wanted to do something special (like we say in Dutch: we already have a no, we can get a yes instead). I bought an insanely cute card (one with a puppy and a kitten snuggling) and wrote a cute little poem on it. My plan was to sneak it in his bag or something. But (like everyone in a public place) he always carried his bag with him. So I had to think of another idea to give him the card (Of course, I didn’t put my name on it because I didn’t want to cause any more rumors. Jeez it sounds like my class was like E! Entertainment News. Trust me, they were). I, obviously, talked to my nosey friend who had an idea. To go to one of the janitors and put it in his locker. So we made him do that. At that point, so many things go through your head. What if he doesn’t see? What if he doesn’t like it? What if I put it in the wrong locker? 

After that, it was time for lunch break. His lunch was in his locker so he opened it, saw the card, and the entire E! Entertainment crew stood behind him while he read it.. You can guess what happened. THEY WERE SWARMING AROUND ME WITH QUESTIONS. Like a bunch of bees. And they asked questions like: “did you send him that card?”. I felt very insecure because all of these people responded very quickly but the one person who should respond, didn’t. I felt so bad and I literally felt like skipping the rest of the day and go home. UNTIL. I checked my phone and I saw a message coming in. From him. With the question: “did you send me that card?”. My heart started racing and I felt it coming: “he is now going to question me if I am insane or anything”. Even though I was afraid of the outcome, I said yes. You can imagine how long it felt before he answered that (or did he really took that long to respond, I don’t remember that detail). And then, I saw another message coming in. “Thank you, it is cute”. HE THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE! But hold up, was he just saying it was cute and planning to tell me that he wasn’t that into me? So I asked him that and he actually like liked it (if you know what I mean). 

5 years later. We are still together. Still going strong. And we actually moved in together a month ago. While moving we also found the card I was talking about. After all, it was the trigger to our relationship. 


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