Favorites of 2016

Hey everyone,

I don’t even believe it, but 2016 is almost over. It’s crazy how fast this year passed by! I talked to my mom about it and like I told her: “it doesn’t feel like December to me yet”. But unfortunately, it is true. But we should look at the bright side. Christmas is coming up. Which means: presents, food and lots of time with family and friends. But most of all: looking back at 2016. What were the pro’s? And the cons? I have bought loads of makeup this year and I must say: I do have a few favorites which are hard to beat in 2017. I am mentioning them in this post. IMPORTANT: if I don’t mention a group of products, then that means that there is not much improvement in that group.

Favorite skincare product 
To choose just one skincare product is really hard. But if I need to pick a 2016 fave, I must choose the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil. I think this product wasn’t really meant to be a skincare product, but this has a lot of benefits for my skin. I felt like I was getting some wrinkles around my eyes because of dryness. But after applying this oil, my skin feels incredibly moist but not greasy. Definitely a product which is hard to beat.

Favorite face primer 
I have used a lot of face primers in my life. And most of them felt very silicone-ish. Which is never a nice feeling on your face. Then, I bumped into an incredible face primer. The TooFaced Hangover primer. The best thing about it, is that there are also some natural ingredients in it. Which also nourishes and awakens your skin. And because of the nice ingredients, it doesn’t feel silicone-ish. And of course, it also does what it should be doing as a facial primer.

Favorite foundation 
This is actually not a hard one. I bought the TooFaced Born This Way foundation in Paris and I fell in love with it from that moment on. Unlike most other foundations it feels like you don’t have anything on your skin. It also doesn’t show on your skin. And the best thing about it, it is also filled with nourishing ingredients. By far, the best foundation I have ever layed my hands on.

Favorite eyeshadow palette 
This year voluminous.com started to sell Tarte products (not for long unfortunately). So when they were in stock I immediately bought a few. The product I am going to talk about is the Tartelette in Bloom palette. This palette.. (taking a little moment of appreciation here) Is incredible. It has a huge variety of basic matte colors and 4 shimmers. Let me tell you, you can make ANY look you want with this palette. Smokey, basic, eye contour, cut crease, you name it. And a funny thing: the palette smells like cupcakes.

Favorite eyeliner 
Like you can read in last year’s shop log, I had a hard time applying eyeliner onto my eyelids. The Real Techniques brush I bought did work out very well, but I wanted something I could apply quicker for when I am in a rush. So I bumped into the Makeup Forever Graphic Liner. This liner is easy to use and it also stays where you put it. I had some felt tip liners in the past which smudged a lot. This one stays put all day.

Favorite mascara 
My favorite mascara is not even a high end one. I am a huge fan of Kaushal Beauty her youtube videos. And she is only positive about the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. So I thought: “why shouldn’t I give it a try”. I bought this mascara and literally, it curls my lashes up to the Gods and it makes my lashes fuller.

Favorite highlighter 
We cannot deny it. 2016 was the year of the highlighter. So mostly every brand came out with a highlighter or a palette with highlighters. This year Anastasia Beverly Hills rocked with their Glow Kits. I believe that there are 5 on the market now (or maybe 6, not sure). Some of them look natural and some of them are like rainbow colored.  Colorful highlighters are not really my thing (yet), I prefer natural highlighters instead. So I decided to buy the Glow Kit in the shade That Glow. I love all the colors but Bubbly and Dripping In Gold are by far my favorites.

Favorite bronzer 
I wasn’t that type of girl who liked to wear a bronzer that much. I would just use the havana tint from my contour kit to bronze up my face. The moment that I bought the TooFaced Sun Bunny Bronzer I thought it would just be there on my vanity table, catching dust. Instead, I started to use it. On a daily base even. The pretty packaging makes it really hard to not use it. But it gives me such a sun kissed look (even in this cold ass weather here in the Netherlands where there is only rain and no sun whatsoever).

Favorite lip products 
I am mentioning this as a bigger group because my new favorite products are from one brand. So, this year was also about the battle of lip kits. Kylie made them, all of the other brands tried to compete. But there is one brand in particular who didn’t try to compare with Kylie J. Huda Kattan made these Lip Contour pencils. These pencils are the creamiest lip pencils I have ever used. They are also that pigmented that you can wear them without putting anything on top. But of course, as a makeup lover you don’t finish there. You WANT to wear something on top of that. Huda also made these Liquid Mattes! Usually liquid lipsticks feel very drying on your lips. These liquid lipsticks are: 1. incredibly pigmented, 2. nourishing, 3. very longlasting. And if I say very longlasting, I mean verrrrrrry longlasting. You really need to scrub this lipstick off. Huda did a really good job on these lip products. Can’t wait to get my hands on her eyeshadow palette!

Favorite scent 
This is a very hard topic for me. I like other scents in the winter compared to the summer. My new summer favorite is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. It smells happy! I don’t know how I should call it otherwise. My winter scent is the same but my special occasion scent is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel from this summer on. It’s a very luxury scent with tones which have my name witten all over it. And the bottle also looks really cute.

So these are my favorites of 2016. Do you have any favorites I didn’t mention and definetly SHOULD try? Leave a comment in the comment section and I might check it.



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