Waisttrainers, the truth.

Hello everyone!

So recently I started to live healthier. Especially because I feel like my body was looking troll-ish (if that’s a word). Also I heard the hype of wearing a waisttrainer. Loads of websites advertise with the fact that you don’t have to do anything and the waisttrainer makes you skinny instantly. So I was curious about the hype, and I ordered one.

The waisttrainer  is really really tight around the waist. My mom had to help me wear it because my belly was too big. I could only wear it for 3 hours because it was way too tight. The days after that I could wear it for a longer time, and I didn’t have to bother my mom to help me wearing it. I have worn this waisttrainer for like a month. My body didn’t really change. It felt like my fats were put “into shape” if that makes sense. I looked really good wearing the waisttrainer though..

After I didn’t see much result, I decided to go to the gym every once in a while. I didn’t feel like wearing the waisttrainer all day, just while working out. After a few weeks I felt like I could put the waisttrainer tighter. So I did! After like 4 weeks I ordered a second waisttrainer. With latex and in a size small. 1. I didn’t had to call my mom over to get in this one. 2. It was so tight that I thought I couldn’t do anything in it, let alone work out. I actually could after a while!

Now, I still wear the waisttrainer. Just while working out. Because I don’t feel comfortable wearing it during the day. It is really uncomfortable but while working out it gives some stability to your back and all that. I have had a lot of issues with my back, and I have the urge to bend my back a little while working out. So for me, the waisttrainer is a great addition to my gym outfit.

Now you might wonder what the results are. I did lose 3 centimeters around my waist. Also I feel like I look really good when I wear it. However, it is not really comfy to wear. It does help me to keep my back straight while working out.

Conclusion, I recommend this tool ONLY when you work out while wearing this.


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