Hi everyone, 

I haven’t blogged in a while. But I must say that I have achieved some big things recently. I wanted to blog about this just to read this in a year or so and re-evaluate.

1. Go after my dream

My dream was getting my propedeuse and go to a university to study law. I failed to get that because I managed to get a 5,2 on my last test. I only had to score 0,3 higher. But I didn’t. Why? I was pressuring myself way too hard. After that, I have been really angry at myself for a long time. Then I started seeing things in another perspective. What if I retake this test in a half year. Lord knows what I could do in the remaining time of the year! So I chose to do that and now I am waiting for my retake.

2. Accepting myself

At a certain point of my life I started to wear makeup on a daily base. Even if I didn’t go out. Because I have been really busy in the last month, I didn’t have time to do my makeup. So it made me accept my face without any makeup. When you use a lot of makeup, you aren’t used to seeing your face without makeup. Which means you’re a little addicted to makeup.

3. Working out

I have started working out again. I already started back in June. But since I had a throat infection and had a very busy time (more about that later on), I stopped going to the gym. So yesterday, I pressed a button and went to the gym! It felt really good to be there again. And I got a weigh in. Which said I returned to my old weight BUT my fat percentage is just 5% above average. Pretty good! I will try to keep this up and make a more detailed post about it too. 

4. Moving out 

I always said: ‘while I’m studying, I’ll probably live at home because my mom takes such good care of me’. None of those words are lies. My mom has taken real good care of me (still does). But I had reached a point that I wanted a place of my own(okay okay, and boyfriend, our own). I hunted like crazy for a nice appartment. And I found one! It is pretty close to the train station and within 5mins you will reach the city centre. I thought it would be very difficult for me to manage a whole household (since my mom did everything for me when I lived with my parents). But it is not really that bad at all. I even like doing all of the chores! Especially when Josh also helps me with the chores (that also results in being done earlier and being able to chill.. EARLIER). 
So these are the things that have changed for now. I also try to involve more blogging (I even have some articles saved as a draft, should publish!!!). 




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