Shoplog: Paris

Well hello there,

First I want to start off by apologizing. I haven’t blogged in like, 8 months I think. And mostly because my friends told me last saturday that I bought way too many stuff and I should be blogging about it, I thought I should give it a try again.

So last saturday I went to Paris with my 2 besties. We went there by train (don’t ask me how that was, the airconditiong was way too high they really need to cut it. the plane is less worse.). After travelling by train in Paris and by metro (that was scary as f***), we finally arrived at the Champs Elysees. With, of course, a Sephora which we don’t have in the Netherlands. I went craycray out there, and I already made a list before we went there and I also promised myself to stick to that list. I must say, I did succeed! Without further do, let me tell you what I bought and what my opinions are on these products (YES, my impatient ass already tried everything).

The first brand I went CRAZY about was Too Faced

.IMG_6924 Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer 

“The bronzer that launched a milion tans. The original Too Faced bronzer and our answer to getting a natural glow without all that orange drama. The slight pink undertone in the dual shade palette mimics the flush that a real tan has for the authentic radiance you can claim is all your own. #BronzerWardrobe”

I got really excited about this bronzer just because of the packaging. I saw all of the Too Faced bronzers online and I thought: ‘do I actually have a bronzer? I think not..’ So I thought, why won’t I treat myself on a new bronzer in Paris? I saw the pigmentation of the bronzer and it is incredible. Since I have a yellow undertone in my skintone, it’s not that easy to find a bronzer that works (as you can imagine, a bronzer with orange undertones does not work on a yellow-toned face). The formulation is buttery and you just need the slightest bit of it.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Caramel IMG_6926

“This oil-free foundation masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. Coverage so undetectable and skin so naturally radient, they’ll think you were BORN THIS WAY.”

I saw this foundation a few times on some YouTube tutorials and the finish looked so good that I wanted to see if this finish was like photoshopped or real life. So I bought this foundation. I magically got the right shade at one try. And the packaging promises that it blurs out your imperfections, makes your skin look absolutely PERFECT and has a natural coverage. To save you a lot of reading: IT DOES WHAT IT PROMISES. However, I do feel that the coverage of this foundation is definetly full coverage instead of medium coverage. I have this spot on my cheek (it was a pimple.) and I sweeped my brush over it. And it was GONE. Like they would say in Dutch: like snow in front of sunshine.

IMG_6929Too Faced Lip Insurance Original 

“Your full coverage insurance policy against fading, messy and drab lipcolor. Lip insurance perfectly preps your pout and locks down lipcolor for longer-lasting wear. A powerful dose of anti-aging peptides increase the appearance of lip fullness and aid in smoothing wrinkles.”

So I ran out of my MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base so I needed a new one. The MAC one just protected my lips from drying while wearing matte lipstick. This base, however, does a lot more. Usually I have to re-apply my lipstick every few hours (my MAC ones). With this base I don’t have to do this anymore. When you apply the base you feel like you haven’t put anything on your lips. Which isn’t true because the product is absolutely there. And it absolutely does what you would expect it to do, but better.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance IMG_6930

“Your full coverage insurance policy against dull, fading eye shadow (no contract neccesary)! This bestselling formula locks down eyeshadow and intensifies color to ensure crease-proof, fade-proof and waterproof wear for up to 24 hours. Our colorless formular glides on seamlessly and dries invisibly to create the perfect canvas for eyeshadow application.”

This eyeshadow base is so pretty! I usually use the Smashbox Photo Finish 24h Eyeshadowbase. The Too Faced one is cheaper (and also cheaper than the Urban Decay one) and does the same job as the Smashbox one. And it is also better than the Urban Decay one. However, I do doubt the waterproof statement on the packaging. I have been barbecuing yesterday. My makeup didn’t melt off (I expected it to slide off right on the hamburgers) but I did see that the eyeshadows I used were mixed up on my eyelid. So waterproof? Not sure.

IMG_6931Too Faced Hangover Primer 

“We LOVE your skin, even when you don’t. When long days of work and late nights of play give you a beauty hangover, this is your instant cure. Hangover is a revolutionary makeup primer infused with coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients and skin revivers  that work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer and more flawless wear.”

I was looking for a nice primer which would not feel as a lot of silicones on my face (because the POREfessional by Benefit DOES, so I only put this on areas where I have visible pores). And then I found this. The first ingredient that spoke to me was the coconut water. I love coconut water to drink, why shouldn’t I put this on my face too. I have used this and it felt like I applied a moisturizer. But with a slight tackiness, which is good because the makeup will stay on for longer. Not sure if this primer makes you look more awake yet because I haven’t been THAT tired the last few days.

The next brand I went crazy about was Make Up Forever (MUFE) 

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation in Y445 IMG_6925

“Created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advances formulas look invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. Perfect for the makup pros and for you.”

I was quite excited about this product! Because MUFE has a HUGE color spectrum (I mean they have 40 shades!) I got a little confused about the shade that I would choose. Let’s say.. I chose the wrong shade. It is 2 shades too dark for me, but it is not disturbing. It promises a medium coverage, however I experience it as a full coverage (again the pimple spot disappeared and I can’t find it whatsoever). Also I feel like my skin is changing a lot these months (since I have been eating better and go to the gym ever other day). It gets greasier and it causes my MAC foundations to float on top of the greasiness. Not a good look if you ask me. This foundation keeps it together for a few hours if paired with the translucent powder. Also, I can make selfies without any filter with this foundation. Usually, my selfies see like 3 apps before I post them and now I don’t need ‘em anymore. Thumbs up!

IMG_6927MUFE High Definition Microfinish Powder 

“The HD range includes complexion products designed for the new needs of high definition image using very fine ingredients for an invisible, natural makeup finish.”

As I told you before, my skin is really changing from dry to oily all of a sudden which causes my foundations to float or to fade. So I needed a setting powder. Let me tell you, this stuff is like the CunPic app in a jar. If you haven’t used the CunPic app before, it is an app which blurs out your entire skintone so all the imperfections fade away. MUFE did a really good job on making these HD products because, trust me, if you wear this powder, every camera resolution will take good photos of your face.

MUFE Graphic Liner Black IMG_6928

“The ultimate intutive eyeliner! Graphic liner’s foam tip quickly creates a precise line with just the right amount of product. It defines the eyes with a rich black finish and a long lasting result.”

Last year I also bought a felt-tip liner from UD. Let’s say, that didn’t turn out quite well. The tip lost sharpness and now I can only use it above my eye. And it only gives one thick line (with a space left between the liner and my lashline, not so pretty). Also, the UD liner smudged really quick. I tried the MUFE liner on my hand in the Sephora store and it stayed on my hand. Until I rubbed it off with eyemakeup remover. Same story on my eyes. It has a really precise tip (just look at it!) which makes drawing a wing much easier. Good for the days when I do not feel like doing a winged liner with my gel liner and a brush.

And now the last product which was kind of a little bonus for me:

IMG_6923NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer Duo

Because NARS isn’t available in the Netherlands I settled for the Peachykeen blush by MAC. Wrong. I tried the NARS blush and the shimmer of this blush, is LIFE (are we still allowed to say that in 2016?). The color is very different to the Peachykeen one and besides the color, the pigmentation is really different too. The NARS blush also stays on longer than the Peachykeen one. However, I still have love for my Peachykeen blush. The Laguna bronzer doesn’t really pick up on my skin that much. Maybe I have to find a right way to use this blush first, and then I might fall in love with it.

That were all of my buys in makeup last saturday in Paris.




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