How to avoid “carnaval” 

Hello everyone!

Since I live in the south of the Netherlands and all of these crazy people decide to celebrate carnaval, I decided to write a post on how to avoid crazy festivities like these. 

What is carnaval? 

Carnaval is actually a catholic festive. It is the period before they stop eating meat for a while(‘carne’ means: meat, ‘valle’ means: saying goodbye). Basically, people are preparing for some sort of religious fast. 

But why the crazy festivities? 

I am not so sure myself. But people think that this is an excuse to be drunk from friday noon until tuesday at midnight, play terrible Dutch music, break up so they can cheat with whoever they like, baptise people in huge amounts of beer and dress up ridiculously. Also, the amount of crimes and injuries on the streets are way higher than usual.

How do I avoid this craziness? 

Here are my ways on avoiding carnaval. 

  • Going to school out of the ‘carnaval area’. Since I go to Rotterdam to go to school, I have to go to school on these days. That means that I won’t even be in the south for 2 days at least. 
  • Planning my work hours on these days. I have to go to work every week for 12 hours. If I want to avoid carnaval, why not go to work on these days after school? 
  • Study. A lot. During this year of school I have found a way to keep myself motivated to study. I have set new goals, and I am about to work my ass off to reach it. These festivities give me the perfect opportunity to study. 
  • Entertainment. So! I have seen in the TV programme guide that there will be loads of nice Bollywood movies on TV tomorrow. So my day has been fixed from 12:00 until 20:30. Only reason to go out, is some snacks (and guess what, we can also call delivery!)
  • Wear earplugs. If you are still going outside, make sure you have some headphones or earplugs on you. Because this Dutch music appears to be EVERYWHERE during these days. 
  • Blogging! I have a whole list on things I need to blog about. Also, I saw this challenge that I have been challenged for (thankyou Beauty by Rebecca!), so that post will come up very soon! 

These are my ways on avoiding carnaval. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 




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