Mini shoplog: Rotterdam

Well hello everyone,

Today, my friends and I decided to go and grab dinner at Vapiano’s after school today(it’s like, THE best affordable pasta you have ever tasted). So I decided to go there a little before dinner so I could pick up a new Bath and Bodyworks candle since my Holiday Wish candle is almost finished. And I didn’t even know they sold a lot of other items so when I entered the store, I felt like a kid in a candyshop. So, without further do, here are the things I have bought today.  
Bath and Body works – Party Dress three wick candle 

I smelled this candle and it is totally me. It smells like flowers and happiness to me. It says what kind of scents are in there on the lid underneath, it says “A stylish blend of orchid petals, billowing white peony and soft jasmine that’s absolutely perfect for every holiday season party”. I love all of these flowers so much, which makes me very happy that I bought it. Besides that, the jar is beautifully decorated with glitter. That is also a “festive” type of decoration they have given to it. But really, I just love these candles and I will light these like.. Every day of the week? Not just on a holiday. And it’s also a big plus that you can close the candle with a stylish lid, so the top of the candle won’t be covered in dust. 

The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer 

I almost ran out of my champagne colored highlighter. And that packaging was very small, but expensive blablabla. So, I bumped into the products of The Balm and they were not like.. Drug store prices or high end prices, but inbetween. Their packaging is really cute and it does remind me of Benefit’s packaging.  

Then. I swatched it. It has a satin-ish finish with some coarse glitters. Which looks really beautiful in real life. 

Real Techniques – Silicone liner brush

Yes. Okay. So my first “Beautyblender” was a fake one, by Real Techniques. Best dupe I have ever seen. So when I bumped into the Real Techniques brushes I was wondering: ‘what kind of brush do I really need?’ So then, I remembered that I still don’t have a nice brush to line my eyes with a gel liner. Normally I take a bigger liner brush and dampen it, so the tip is a bit finer to work with and you’ll get a perfect wing. But, like everyone, I am looking for a foolproof way to get a nice and flawless winged eyeliner. Because of the hairs on a normal brush, it can’t be foolproof because these hairs go everywhere, like normal hair. So, Real Techniques has… A silicone tip brush to create a foolproof way of making a winged liner. I am not that excited about it just yet now I have tried it, because it is more time consuming than the way I do my eyeliner now. That’s because you have to dip into the product several times to create a full line. But it does give a more detailed wing. Maybe a good one to use both of them! Or I’ll just have to get used to it. 

That was it for today! Goodnight!




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