Rant: Terrorism, refugees and a lot more

Hello everyone,

Today, I need to rant about a certain topic: the heartbreaking things that happened in Paris last friday. 

So first of all, I wanted to make clear that I feel really sorry about everyone’s loss and that I will be praying for the ENTIRE WORLD(not just Paris). 

But what really bothers me, is that some people here in Holland say things which can’t be ignored. I don’t know why, but people love to generalise things. Why do people do that?! Yesterday, I had a discussion on Facebook with this guy saying that every refugee from Syria is a terrorist and that we should close the borders. Sure, fine, closing the borders and checking who comes in and who goes out is a good idea.. But saying that every refugee is a terrorist? So I was asking this young man how he knows that all of these refugees are terrorists, like do they wear t-shirts saying “hi, my name is … And I’m a terrorist”? He said: “no, they have cellphones, and why do they need wifi?”. First of all.. We live in the 21st century. So like every other country, Syria should develop.. Right? So is it a crime to bring a cellphone? Why do we need cellphones? These refugees have the same reason to have a cellphone. Same as wifi. Why do we need wifi? And then.. This guy said to me that people who live in Holland don’t get half of what these refugees get. It is so easy for people to forget that these people have exactly nothing. We have this government who arranges everything for us IF WE DON’T MANAGE TO HAVE IT. And besides that, we get opportunities. We CAN go to work everyday. We CAN go to school if we want to. He was right! We don’t get half of what these refugees get. WE GET A LOT MORE. 

But back to terrorism.. Of course, there might be a terrorist between these refugees. I am afraid of that too. But, shouldn’t we be more afraid of the terrorists who are already here? A lot of people here forget about that. 

They are nagging about refugees since they were heading to the Netherlands. I agree that there are too much of them at once. But really, Holland, we have so many opporunities to achieve happiness. Since we were kids we all learned how to share. Why don’t we share these opportunities with other people who can’t find happiness in their own country? It is hard enough to leave your homeland behind and it might be even harder for a refugee to find a place like home here. Why are we so hard on them? 

I think, that kids in the future will laugh at us when they read all of this in the history books. Why? Because if you cut yourself, you see blood right? Same thing happens to a refugee! You know why? Because they are human! Who are we to protest against humans who had to run away from home to find happiness somewhere else? 

That is it for now.. Goodnight.




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