Finally, a new phone! 

Hey everyone! 

Today was the day.. My new phone got delivered. Most of you know that I love iPhones. And I tried to cheat on iPhone a bit by buying a Sony Xperia Z1. Worst decision of my life! So I decided to stay with iPhone so I bought the newest one: the 6s!   

I went for the Rose Gold one in 64GB(Because we can’t have too much memory. Ever). I was a little scared of the color, because a lot of youtubers said it was really pink. But I actually like the color. The color is differs in different lightening. In daylight it definetly is pink. But in other light it is rose gold to gold. Like on the picture that I made, it looks gold. 

I must say that I have to get used to the bigget screen(which means, bigger phone) and the new features like 3D-touch. But I will manage. I really love the fact that the fingerprintscanner works extremely fast(I was getting a little annoyed by the fingerprintscanner of my 5s because it responded very slowly). 

So a new phone also means: better pictures on the blog!! So keep checking my blog for new posts with improves photo’s! 




2 gedachtes over “Finally, a new phone! 

    • cherylannt zegt:

      If I may give you a reccomendation, please stay with the iPhone if you already have one. I am telling you this from my own experience. The step to android is almost awkward to take if you are used to iOS. And besides that, I personally missed my iPhone so much when I had a Sony, that I sold the Sony after a year and bought an iPhone again. So, choose wisely!

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