Exams.. How do I do this?

Hey everyone!,

I have been a little M.I.A. these weeks I see. Its mostly because I am really focussing on school right now. It is very hectic at the moment, since exams will be starting next week.
Luckily I just have 3 exams. I have passed my Dutch test.. And I just had 1 question wrong! Better than last year. So I hope the rest of my exams will go the same as my Dutch test.

Even though I have huge anxiety when it comes to exams, I feel really relaxed for some reason. In this post I will tell you why I am way more relaxed than usual:

1. Study from the start of the semester 
Last year I thought I could do anything I wanted the first couple of weeks of the semester (read: Netflix, chill and NOT GO TO SCHOOL). Now I actually studied really hard from the start of the semester. I took the book, read, marked the book, made notes during classes. And it actually works.

2. Go to the doctor’s 
When I experienced this type of anxiety for the first time I decided to go to my doctor. Especially because the anxiety also went to my stomach(I have an irritable colon syndrome, if I translated it right..). So I couldn’t eat for days. My doctor gave me medicine for my stomach, and she also gave me beta blockers which I can use during my exams. The prescription says that I can take 3 of them a day. But I prefer taking one the night before the exam so I can sleep without worrying, and one before the actual exam. Remember: if you have not studied for the test, this beta blocker won’t make any difference..

3. Mindfullness 
I started doing mindfullness because of this app that I have. And I meditate every day after school do I can empty my head for a while. I might want to do this before the exam also. But I’m not sure yet. If my head is empty, I ca go on and study for like hours and stay focussed.

4. Sleep. 
This semester I found out that there is nothing more important than sleeping. While sleeping your brain hets the time to rest and process everything you have put in it by studying. Most teachers here say that you should be able to dream certain things. Take that literally..

5. Take everything as it is 
Okay, It is not okay to fail an exam. Because if you don’t have enough credits, you might end up being kicked out of school. So take everything really seriously. But not too serious. You life does depend on education! It does! But does your life depend on it that much to have anxiety?

So these are my tips for today. I hope they will be useful someday.




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