My Vacay: Gran Canary

Hi guys!

You might have seen that I have been on a holiday to Gran Canary! In this post I am going to tell you more about my vacation to Gran Canary. I am so sorry that I didn’t write this post earlier, I just didn’t get to it.

Gran Canary. One of the vulcanic islands of Spain. It is more near Africa than Spain but still Spain. The weather is always gorgeous out there. Loads of mountains and the beaches are stunning. Most of the income is because of the tourism on the island. I can understand, I love this place so much.

Day 1: Travelling 

Bestand 25-09-15 21 03 05

We departed from Schiphol AMS to Aeropuerto LPA. These planes were insanely small and the weather in the Netherlands was ridiculous. It seemed like fall. Because of that, we needed to make an emergency stop in Faro (Portugal) to get kerosine. Despite the fact that we had a little stop, we were in time! We had a private cab who brought us to our appartment. The appartment was STUNNING. And on top of the mountain.

Tip of the day: don’t get your groceries in a resort, it will cost you at least the double price.

Day 2: Birthday 

Bestand 25-09-15 21 04 42

I turned 22! Today we went to the little shopping centre next to the hotel. Josh wanted to hire a car. The weird thing. For some cars you have to be 25 years old, and you have to have your drivers license for at least 3 years. We both have our license since we were 18, so we both have our license for 4 years. After that we went to the beach to swim. The water was kind of dirty and there were a lot of rocks in the sea. Not so great.. After that, we ate something and we went to the appartment early.

Day 3: Laying low 

Bestand 25-09-15 21 05 42

We have been laying low today. We hired a car, took an afternoon nap and went off to Puerto Rico city centre. After that we ate something in the appartment. While eating, we spotted a really cute cat on our balcony. So I gave him some milk and he was so cute to look at. I adored it. In the evening we went back to the city centre to shop. Everywhere you looked there were these Africans with fake sunglasses and watches. Josh fell for it and wanted to see the watches. But then, police came so they all ran away. And we had to come with them. I was like: let me follow my boyfriend. So we we went in this alley with them. And they were really desperate to sell us a watch. We didn’t buy one after all soyeah. Also, we met our new friend the red streetcat.

Day 4: Aqualand? 

Bestand 25-09-15 21 07 04

The actural plan today was to go to Aqualand. Finding the place was harder than we thought. There were some signs with Aqualand on them so we followed them. But… No Aqualand. So anyways we just drove and drove around and we found a really great shopping centre. We would go there after, we found Aqualand. So we did find Aqualand after all. But.. Entrance fee: €28,-. That was a lot. So we decided to spend the entrance fee in the shopping centre we saw earlier that day.


Bestand 25-09-15 21 10 22

Today we decided to do a little roadtrip together. Our plan was to drive around the entire island. Acturally.. We just drove until Las Palmas (the capital and in the north of the island). My god, I found Sephora there!!! I was sososo happy to find Sephora there since they have decided to move out of the Netherlands (pity). I didn’t go too crazy, because I just needed a highlighter. So I bought a MAC highlighter (more on my buyings in another post). Besides that I bought this really pretty headband, a necklace and a matching pair of earrings.

Day 6: El Tablero

Bestand 25-09-15 21 11 21 

Last day we had the car today and Josh wanted to buy a watch for me. So we went to El Tablero since we had seen beautiful watches. So he bought me this beautiful Fossil watch. He also bought a watch for him. Which was the prettiest watch I have ever seen in my entire life. After that we went back to Puerto Rico and got ourselves a Happy Meal. Good to know: ketchup with your fries is FREE in Spain! In the evening we watched a movie.

Day 7: Saying goodbye 

Bestand 25-09-15 21 13 45

The last day on this island. We packed a bit today. Watched the stunning view and for the last day we didn’t want to cook. So we went to the little mall to buy the last gifts for everyone and to eat. The annoying thing was that there is this guy in front of every restaurant who drags people in with ‘free drinks’ or ‘discounts’. Annoying. So we went to the first restaurant which didn’t have someone like that out front and the food was LOVELY. After that we went shopping for a bit. And of course, Josh bought ANOTHER watch! Sigh. But he is happy with both of them so its good.

Bestand 25-09-15 21 15 55

So on day 8 we went back. The trip back was hell because we had a kid kicking in our back for 5 hours. We missed Gran Canary instantly, but we were glad to be home.




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