Back2School: How to survive college

Hey everyone,

In all these back to school articles I see things about high school. Not about college. So today I will give you a few tips to survive college.

1. Prepare yourself 

Preparation is key in college. If the teachers tell you to read a chapter, PLEASE DO READ IT. Why? It contains a lot of useful information for the next class. The teacher might want to talk about the things in that chapter. You don’t want to be the one who annoys everyone by asking questions which could have been answered if you had read the given literature.

2. Keep your homework on track 

This is also a form of preparing. Do your homework. Just because you don’t have much time before the exam, teachers like to train you. Not just for themselves but also for you. It gives you the confirmation that you understand the matter and that you can answer the questions if asked on the exam.

3. Ask! 

A lot of people are afraid to ask, Because they are scared of making mistakes. Mistakes are being made to learn from them right? So are the mistakes you make in class! The teacher corrects you which makes it easy for you to memorize.

4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Don’t you memorize lyrics of songs you hear frequently? That is because your brain recognizes it. When you hear it, you memorize the things you have saved up in your brain. This also helps with studying.

5. Typing? Not my type, WRITE! 

Stay away from the computer! Typing only makes us lazy. Not just us, our brain also. Your brain doesn’t create relationships with the words when you type them. Give it a thought. When you write, you have to think about what you write. Then, you have to make your hand write the words on the paper. After that, you check it. And besides that, when you write it is not that easy to correct mistakes you have made.

6. 99 questions 

Don’t know how to study for your test? Well you will get questions right? Why not make questions that you might expect? Make some questions that you might get on your test. With answers. Study those questions. You can also ask someone to quiz you.

7. Timemanagement 

Yeez, school takes so much of your time! Yeah! Especially after summer break! Teach yourself to plan things. I am not telling you to teach yourself to just make a schedule But stick to it! Sticking to it is the hardest part. That’s why you shouldn’t plan way too long ahead. Just plan for a week or so and see how things go.

8. What to-do? 

Make sure you make a daily to-do list. Why? Now you know what you should be doing for that specific day. Involve your schedule into it too! Because if you know that you need to do more for one day, but you don’t have much on a few days before due, you can do things from the list a few days before!

9. Keep calm. 

Just make some time to put yourself at ease. I personally feel like I need some time to meditate after school before I can put myself to homework. Because when I start with my homework directly, I feel rushed and then I can’t memorize things as good as planned. I just lay down on my bed and meditate for about 10 minutes.

10. Get in shape 

Not physically! Haha. Everyone just had summer vacay, and no one is prepared to study several hours straight. But you can train yourself to study more hours straight. Of course you need to eat and do other stuff in the mean time. But do you know that feeling of not being able to put your head to it anymore? You should try to postpone that thought and move along. It is hard in the beginning but, try it. You will thank me someday.

So that is it for today. I hope that these tips come in handy someday. If you have any other questions about going to college in the Netherlands, please let me know!




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