Last time in my old bed

Don’t you think its weird? In just a couple of years you get used to stuff. And when you take distance from it, it feels emotional. Well. Tonight is the last night I will be sleeping in my old room(been here since my 13th which is 9y already) and on my old bed(which is also 9y old but the matress is 20y old). 

The hardest part, but also the main reason to get another bed, is the matress. I have had it since I was 2. I have so many good memories. 

  • The matress was so huge to me, I couldn’t imagine me growing up so big that I would need all the space on the matress.
  • The matress was always there to catch me when I was pretending to be on stage(on the bed..) singing and dancing. The bed itself didn’t survive. But that matress.. 
  • The matress was always there to support my back and other parts of my body while growing. 
  • The matress has been in all the 3 houses I have lived in. But it won’t be going to my new home if I move out someday. 
  • The matress has “seen” me in many ways. When I was happy, sad, angry, anxious, in love, everything. In every possible way. 
  • The matress kept all of my secrets safe too! There was a time when I hid my diary under my matress(fathers should not be reading girl’s diaries DADS TAKE NOTES!)
  • Do you know how many sick days I have spent lying on the matress or longing for the matress? 

Anyway, this was my short emotional post about my matress(we have bonded for 20y, so may I?). I will show you guys what my new room will look like. My new bed arrives tomorow, so I am pretty excited for it!! 

Goodnight lovies!!,



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