Back to School: Shoppinglist

Hello beautiful people,

My school starts within a week (some schools started today). And of course, to be productive in class, you need some stuff in your bag. To be honest, I always see posts about what to bring to high school. But I never see what you should bring to college. I am going to college, again, and I am starting in the 1st year of Law College. Since I have been in the first year of social law too, I know what you need for your days at college.

  • A bag: Of course! You need something to bring your stuff in. I usually take one of my usual handbags or just the bag for my laptop.
  • A laptop: I usually carry my laptop with me. Just to take notes and to look something up when needed. Upcoming year, I am planning to leave my laptop at home because it is a little too heavy. When you carry your laptop along, buy a proper laptop bag or sleeve. Because you don’t want damages on your laptop.
  • Notebooks: I LOVE NOTEBOOKS. Especially those big notebooks, with thick carton covers. I like to make notes and to make them look beautiful. Not just by writing in a nice handwriting, but also marking them, make beautiful diagrams and stuff.
  • An agenda: I like to use a paper agenda. I used to put my homework into my phone. But that does not work for me. The only thing that works for me, is putting my timetable in my phone. I also like to make a schedule for myself for a week or so. Not in an agenda, but a huge moleskine book.
  • Pens: Of course! You need a pen to write things down in your notebooks.
  • Markers: To make sure you can find everything in your notes, make sure you have some markers to mark things.
  • A USB stick: Nowadays we always put something in our mailboxes. We all know that it is really hard to find that specific email into your mailbox. So, why not invest in a USB stick? Also a good one: Dropbox.
  • Handcream: School starts, so that means it gets colder! So, hello dry skin. Time to hydrate.
  • A waterbottle: At school, you should also keep your body hydrated. It helps your brain to function a lot better when you drink enough water. If you don’t like water, put some fruit in your bottle. It will make your water taste a lot better
  • A mirror: By all means, you should keep a mirror in your bag (it is not okay to keep walking with something on your bag)

That is actually it! These are the things I pack(besides my books and usual stuff). Tell me what you bring to school in the comments below.




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