Favorites: Summer Products

Well hello everyone,

It is still summer holiday, the temperatures are still up in the Netherlands and of course, there are a few products everyone loves to use when it is hot outside. So today, I am going to tell you something about my favorite products.

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  • Victoria Secret Endless Love Fragrance Mist: Who doesn’t love Victoria Secret. In the summer it can be so hot in the Netherlands (not because of the temperature, but it is the air) that you just want to shower every hour. This spray refreshes you when you need it.
  • Body Shop Honey Bronze: Because it is summer, we all have the urge to bare our legs. I have the problem(and I am not sure if I am the only one who has this) that my legs are really light when you compare them to my arms. This bronzer is on oil base so it doesn’t dry out your skin and it makes your skin look a lot smoother and a little more tan. It also gives you a great bronzed glow.
  • Body Shop Lemon Body Butter: This body butter is like… Liquid gold. This body butter hydrates your skin, but it also has a really fresh scent. It even keeps the mosquitoes away. Since I am allergic to mosquitobites, I am looking for a way to keep them away. This works perfectly. It also works good when you have a mosquitobite. The lemon breaks the venom of the mosquito so the bite won’t itch(if that makes any sense at all). 
  • Smashbox Primer Water: When it is kind of hot outside, your makeup suffers too! Sometimes it tends to melt off my face while sweating and stuff. So I like carrying this around in my bag. If I feel like my makeup is falling off, I just spray this on my face and my makeup isn’t going anywhere. By far, the best product which locks down your makeup.
  • Vision Sunscreen SPF 50: For some reason I strongly believe in getting the highest SPF I can find. But honestly, I am dark skinned, so I don’t burn.. My boyfriend was also very happy that I brought this one along on holiday. Because he is not the type of person who likes to even think about sunscreen. Luckily I do because he often has a sunburn.
  • Beautyblender: My beautyblender!! I am loving this thing since I bought it. Since I have dry skin during the winter, this is one is good to apply my foundation with. Also during the summer it is a good one. It makes sure my foundation goes on very lightly. And it also has this cool pink color! I just cleaned mine. I recommend the soap you can buy with it, because it cleans out EVERYTHING off the beautyblender. You can also use it to clean your brushes.

I hope you guys liked this post. I would like to hear about your favorite products too!




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