Dupe vs. The Real Deal: W7 In The Buff + MUA Undress Me Too vs. Urban Decay Naked 2

Well hello there,

I got a bunch of giftcards for my birthday. And so I decided t,o buy myself a Naked 2 pallette. I already am the proud owner of a Naked 3 pallette and a Naked Basics palette (if you want reviews, or comparisons, let me know).

So! Today, it is all about the Naked 2 and its dupes.

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The main difference is the price. The real deal will cost you €49,90,-, the MUA one will cost you €3,50,- and the W7 will cost you €8,99,-. Big difference. But is it worth it? Before I start to compare these two pallettes: I am not promoting the real deal. I am just showing you the difference between the real deal and its dupe. If you’d like to buy the dupe, by all means, you should buy it. This post is just for you guys to tell you my experience with the pallettes.

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When we take a closer look, you see a lot more difference in comparison with the Naked 2. The W7 has a box which is made out of tin. I do have a sidenote to that, I was making pictures for this post, and the top of the box just broke. So, thumbs down for the package. Besides that, the W7 does not have a mirror and comes with a double ended brush. A normal eyeshadowbrush and a eyeshadow sponge. The MUA one has a box made out of plastic and is smaller. Opposite with the W7 one, the eyeshadow pans are round and not in rectangle form. This pallette also comes with a double ended brush with a eyeshadow sponge at both ends. The top of the box is seethrough so you can see which colors are in the pallette.

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So here we have swatches. Again, I am showing you my experience with these pallettes and my opinion on it. I will tell something about the pallettes color by color.

Naked/Foxy/Buff: This color is frequently used as a browbone higlighter. Even though it is a highlighter, you should be able to see it. In this case, the Buff(W7) is barely noticeable. Not a good one. Urban Decay rules with the color Foxy, they aren’t even close.

Devotion/Half Baked/Camel: This is a rich golden color. It has a beautiful shimmering finish and it is brilliant with a good pigmentation. MUA(Devotion) did a really good job on this one. I even think I like the MUA one more because of its insane pigmentation.

Shy/Bootycall/Sand: This color is also a highlighter, but with a shimmer. It is noticable that the simmer varies between the three. The shimmer with Bootycall(UD) is THE best. No doubt about it. The sand one(W7) is not even noticeable.

Fiery/Chopper/Dust: This is a bronze shimmering color. W7 did a real good job on this one. Because the intensity of the color is brilliant. I just love this. i even think the UD one(Chopper) is the least good one.

Dreamy/Tease/Chocolate: This is a brown matte color. No one can beat UD with this one. It is very pigmented and you can see the color is more taupe than the other ones.

Lavish/Snakebite/Topaz: This is a brown shimmering color. I use this one a lot for a smokey eye. I must say that I do think the UD one should be a bit more pigmented. The MUA one is more pigmented. For that, the MUA one wins.

Tranquil/Suspect/Earth: This type of brown is lighter than the one before. It also has a shimmer. The battle is between the MUA and de UD one. I like to build with this color. if you don’t like to build and want a good pigmentation instantly, you should go for the MUA one.

Exposed/Pistol/Storm: I think MUA and W7 both have been overexcited with the shimmer on this one. It has so much shimmer that you don’t even see the grey color of it. Too bad, UD wins.

Reveal/Verve/Silk: This should be a light silverish, champagne color. W7 comes pretty close to the UD one. But still, I think UD has the satin finish that I really love.

Wink/YDK/Wave: Really UD, I had to look up what YDK meant! Appearently, it means You Don’t Know(I already figured because I was like ‘I DON’T KNOW!’ and then I was like, no Cheryl You Don’t Know). It is a way of giving props to someone. The color is also something you aren’t so sure about. And that’s also what W7 and MUA thought. It’s not even close. so, UD, You Don’t Know!

Obsessed/Busted/Thunder: W7 and MUA both misinterpreted this color. It should be a shimmering dark grey color. And with both of the dupes it is a steel grey color. Nope! UD still rules this one.

Corrupt/Blackout/Onyx: Yeah.. With this color.. It is about personal preference. You can’t go wrong with a black color. But still the MUA is the most pigmented, then the W7 and then de UD one. I personally like to build up the black in my look. I don’t like working with chalky blacks so personally, I like the UD one more.

So as you can see, it is all about personal preference. I liked most of the UD colors so I think it is worth the buy. I do think that the W7 was absolutely not worth it because the colors are just not ‘it’. The MUA, the cheapest one) comes closer to the UD pallette.

The winning dupe: MUA Undress Me Too 

So, what do you think about dupes?




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