Shoplog: Smashbox

Hi guys!

I am not so sure yet in which language I should post my stuff, because some days I have more views from the Netherlands and some days from abroad. So, I will do it this way.

First of all, i am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything the last week. I was really busy with planning my birthday party and organising the last stuff for our trip to Gran Canary. Last week I also have spoiled myself because sometimes you do deserve it.

I bought:
– Smashbox Primer Water
– Smashbox 24h Photo Finish Eyeshadow Base
– Smashbox Contour Kit

Bestand 23-07-15 18 27 54 (1) Smashbox Primer Water 

Usually I have had the MAC Fix+ spray which I loved. But since someone took mine and got really attached to it (I ain’t calling any names, mom), I needed something else. So I bought this primer water. I have heard a lot of great things about it. And I absolutely agree to them. A few sites even say that it has the same ingredients as the MAC Fix+ spray. But I must say.. It is not the same thing. Why? It brings out the colors of your makeup more and it literally won’t budge. And it is a wonderful refresher.

Smashbox 24h Eyeshadow Base Bestand 23-07-15 18 29 24

I needed a matte eyeshadowbase since I use matte shadows more often. And the combination of my UD Primerpotion in Sin with matte shadows is not a great one. So when I was at the Smashbox stand, I asked the girl if they had eyeshadow bases. They have!! When I pushed the base out of the package it was a but coarse but you have to apply it to your lid. And then let it dry for 60 sec. Omg, your shadows won’t go ANYWHERE for the next 24 hours.

Bestand 23-07-15 18 29 35 Smashbox Contour Kit 

I was looking for a contour kit for a long time. And I didn’t like the packaging of the Anastasia contour kit. So! I found this one. Usually I am a little scared to buy some kit that has limited colors because of my skintone. It fits soooo well!!

So this was my shoplog from Smashbox for today. Comment, follow me, spread the love, anything.




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