Shoplog: MAC

Hi everyone!

Today I had my last exam and I thought I had earned a few gifts (whether I did pass or nah). So I was kind of questioning myself: where do I want to go, Primark or MAC? I decided to go to MAC because I needed some stuff before I go on a holiday(which is planned in 24 days!).

Bestand 03-07-15 21 15 38

The products I have bought:

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC43.5
  • MAC Blotting Powder in Dark
  • MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist
  • MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva
  • MAC Foundation Pump

Bestand 03-07-15 21 16 15 MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation+Pump

I already have a MAC foundation, the MAC Studio Sculpt in NW 45. I told the lady I had that color and she examined my face and said: ‘Girl, that color is way too orange.’ I agreed! Because I think it is really orange and I can only fix it with my MAC Studio Careblend powder in Medium/Deep. So finally, someone chose the right shade for me. She even ended up grabbing some ‘half’ shade for me. NC43.5. She applied it on my face and I was pretty scared when she did because it appeared to be really light. But when she worked it into my skin, it was exactly my color. And it looks very natural and matte, definetly a good one! Plus, I bought a pump to use it with because I am the clumsiest human being when it comes to foundations in a bottle.

MAC Blotting Powder Bestand 03-07-15 21 16 56

I was looking for a blotting powder! Since we have tropical days in the Netherlands, my makeup tends to melt off my face. To prevent that, I needed a blotting powder. At first I thought a white translucent powder would do, but the lady recommended me to take a blotting powder with 5% of pigment. Because that blends in better with my face because a white powder could make my face appear ashy. My impression of this product.. I think it is awesome. We had very humid weather today and my makeup stayed for at least 8 hours straight. Besides that, it blurs out your skin a bit. Good one for selfies!

Bestand 03-07-15 21 16 44 MAC Matte Lipstick Diva 

A month ago I was at my friends’ graduation party and her sister had this gorgeous dark plum colored lipstick on. She told me she was wearing the shade Sin but she also liked the shade Diva which was more a dark red shade. I was definetly sold when I tried it out at the store. Especially when the lady made a beautiful shadow effect with a Burgundy lipliner. Luckily, I have that one in my collection already. This shade fits perfectly on darker skintones but also on lighter skintones.

MAC Sheertone Shimmering Blush Bestand 03-07-15 21 16 31

So. I wasn’t planning to buy a blush in the first place but, she was very eager to try a blush on my face. So I let her try one. She applied it and it did a lot to my face. I love contouring, but not to invest the time in it(if you know what I mean). And this blush sort of contoured my face in a sublte way. Plus, it is a very nice shade for darker skintones. And look at that shimmer(yeah I photographed this blush with flash on purpose)!!

And that is it for today! Actually, I think I have spent enough money on MAC products for the upcoming… Months? I think? Yeah I think months.

I hope you guys have a blessed weekend!



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