Happy new hair!

Hey everyone!

Last week I decided it was time for a change! My extensions were worn out (I wear clip-ins), and I really needed new ones. First I will tell you about my hair journey.

Bestand 23-06-15 11 55 02
In 2013 I started off with gorgeous curly hair. But unfortunately, it frustrated me to take care of my curls. Trust me, every curly girl has to take care of her curls in a different way. If something works for your curls, it doesn’t mean it works for everyone with curly hair. So I straightened it a lot and the curls actually never returned.

Bestand 23-06-15 11 55 13
In December 2013 I thought it was time for a change. The split ends were off, and I wanted to try this dip dye everyone had. I did this one myself, and I kind of succeeded I think!

Bestand 23-06-15 11 54 53
Until in June 2014. I wanted a balayage. Annddd it turned out almost blonde. I didn’t like it, my hair didn’t like it(it literally didn’t absorb any oils anymore and it dried out and all that). So, I decided to dye my hair back to its original color.

Bestand 23-06-15 11 55 21
November 2014. Then I had this period that I was fed up with my own hair because it didn’t want to grow. So I got myself some extensions. These were made of Indian hair. I must say that they dried out very quickly. I always had to give them a little boost with some hair mask. And besides that, they tangled really quickly. These extensions were 55-60 cm long.

Bestand 23-06-15 11 52 12
May 2015. Beause the extensions started to tangle, I didn’t wear them a lot anymore and I just saved them for a special occasion.

Bestand 23-06-15 11 49 18
My hair also got a little lighter so last week I decided to dye my hair pitch black and buy new extensions. I didn’t chose for Indian hair again, because it didn’t really match my expectations. But this Brazilian hair is really soft and you can’t even see the difference. Besides that, my hair did actually grow a lot, so the extensions don’t do much to the length of my hair because they are 50cm long. But it still is a good length for me.

This was my hair journey since 2013. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!!

p.s. My curls never came back.


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