Exam scare

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I had this exam. But since I am in this school, I am getting really stressed when I have to do an exam. So, yesterday. I had this anxiety attack before my test so I couldn’t make my test. I panicked because of that and I even ended up at the school nurse. Not a good one. 

Today I went to the doctors. And she said that more people suffer from exam stress, but she thought mine was a bit worse(since I actually got really sick and couldn’t eat for the rest of the day). So she gave me medicine to lower my blood pressure. I hope they will work! She told me that she also gives them to people who are very anxious before their drivers tests. 

But that is not why I started this post. I was thinking of something that would calm me down. And I was thinking about back in the day. Elementary school. No stress. You got grades by coloring, playing, listening, reading. So I went for a walk today and I saw this coloring book for adults. 


It has these beautiful patterns in it which you can color in any way you like. No rights, no wrongs. I actually am addicted to this now. And it actually calms me down. So I am very happy with my new coloring book! 

Do you have anxiety before exams? Or any other anxiety? Please let me know about them and how you deal with them!




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