Bucketlist: Summer 2015

Hi guys!

Everyone is looking forward to it. Summer break! And it is about to start.
Everyone who goes to school has these huge plans. I have these too of course! So I am going to make a list of what I would like to do this summer.

– Go on a holiday
I have one booked: Gran Canaria!

– Buy a polaroid camera
And make these gorgeous picture which will always remember me of summer.

– Get a new bed
Mine is on the verge of breaking down.

– Move to the rooftop
My room is way too tiny.

– Celebrate my 22nd birthday
Yes I know, I am getting old.

– Get a job
Unfortunately, living a good life costs money.

– Eat icecream

– Figure out what kind of allergies i have
Because I don’t like being sick after I ate.

– Have a picnick with my boyfriend Joshua
We need to do something nice sometimes right.

– Go swimming
I didn’t go swimming in like, forever.

– Grow tomatoes
I was so good at it when I was a kid.

– Read a book
It has been a long time that I have actually finished a book.

– Organiza a barbeque
Yeah well, Joshua can do the barbecuing, I will take care of the rest.

– Go to Meersel dreef to play in the playground
My inner kid has to go out someday.

– Check out the old cd’s we still have
There might be somthing nostalgic in there

– Clean out my closet
It’s a mess.. Really

What are you guys doing in the summer?



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