Shoplog: Benefit

Hi guys! 

Today I was out shopping with my mom. And I just had to stop by at Douglas to pick up the POREfessional by Benefit.

But I didn’t want to buy a full size before I was sure it worked for my skin. So I got a gift box which also had more products in it. Anyways, let’s move on to the products.

 They’re Real! Mascara 
I have had this mascara since a year. When I read the package I was kind of sceptical. Because it promises a lot but yeah, don’t brands put anything on their packages just to sell? I bought it. And I was blown away. It actually gives a lot of volume, and it curls instantly. And I never curl my lashes. So I was very surprised that there was a full size in this package! Good for in my purse.
Also with this product I was kind of sceptical. Because Benefit don’t really has cheek products for my skintone. But when they said you can also use it as a lipcolor, I was sold! Because my boyfriend always complains when I cover him in lipstick(haha!). You can tone the color down, but you can also build it up if you like.
Gives a real subtle tint with just a bit of the product.  
Finally. The POREfessional. I am really exited to try this product. It is really hard to find a good primer for my skin since I have a combinated skin. And around my nose, my pores are visible when I put on my makeup. So this should get rid of it! 

That is it for today! Hope you enjoyed reading this article. 




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