Tips for hot weather!

Hi guys!

Long time no blog! Last week, it was.. Pretty hot here in the Netherlands. It was 35 degrees celsius last friday. I do not want to talk about what happened next. THUNDERSTORMS. I hope that explains enough. But the weather gets really sticky and sweaty here in the Netherlands which is not nice. So, in this post I would like to give you some tips for this kind of weather.

1. Keep yourself hydrated
It is really important to keep drinking. Preferably, more than 2l a day. It is good for your skin, hair, nails, everything in your body. Besides that, you lose a lot of fluids by sweating. So you need a refill every once in a while.

2. Hot beverages
This might sound a little weird. But it is the best thing to drink hot beverages like tea. When it is hot outside, your body gets slammed by the heat. Especially when you just drank something very cold. Your body makes a lot of effort to adjust to that. So when you drink a hot beverage, your body won’t get slammed that much.

3. Don’t reveal too much skin
Everyone wants to go out with something short which reveals a lot of skin. Not a good idea! Your skin is the biggest organ you have on your body. And therefore, it absorbs a lot of heat. Which makes you feel a lot warmer, and sweaty etc. When you wear a longsleeve, you will feel a lot cooler. Besides that, the chances on getting skin cancer are really low in this way.

4. Up-DO!
In this sticky weather, the last thing you want to have is hair hanging in your face. So the best thing to do is throw your hair up. It won’t fall into your face. And you don’t have to touch your hair the entire day(you know, pushing your hair away the entire time). So your hair won’t get greasy very quick. And like you may know, the less you wash your hair, the better it is.

5. Smartphones and other electronics
Important thing. Everyone likes to chill outside with hot weather. While playing music on their phones, watch a serie on their laptop, etc. First, make sure your device is covered in shadow. Why? Also electronical devices can overheat. Not just our hair. Some devices give a warning when they are too hot. Some don’t. So, pay attention to that when chilling in the sun!

6. Scrub before tanning
I don’t really need this, since I already have a tan. But sometimes, I also like to make sure some parts of my body are tanned(like my legs, they never ever see sun). In the beginning of the summer, you always see that you get darker and lighter spots on your skin. To prevent that, scrub before tanning. You will be evenly tanned.

7. Cold showers? NO!

It is good to take a shower. I like to shower every night before I go to bed. But in the summer, you might have the urge to take a cold shower. Bad idea! If you take a cold shower, your body will get slammed by the heat(damn this heat slams a lot doesn’t it). Which makes your body want to adjust to the heat. Which makes you, I know you just showered to get rid of this, sweat. Try to set the temperature of the shower as close to your body temperature as possible. Plus, this won’t dry out your skin as much as an extreme hot shower.

So these are my tips for today.
Hope you enjoyed these for today. If you would like to see some type of post from me, please let me know.



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