Shopping: The Body Shop

Hi guys!

Today, I went to school. With the intention to go to school the entire day and study. Haha! We all know that that is the hardest thing to do. Especially when your school is located in this huge city where they sell way more than in your hometown. So! I accidently went shopping. And I accidently spent money on Body Shop products. Not accidently, because I pulled my wallet out myself, and sisters.. We all know bathing products is a primary human right!

But anyways! Back to the new products!

Bestand 01-06-15 18 13 25

The Camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover (€12.00,-)

I thought it looked like a toner. But when I took a closer look, and shook the bottle a bit. I saw two layers in the bottle! Just like a normal eye and lip makeup remover! This stuff also contains Community Fair Trade cammomile. And also, cammomile has a calming effect on the skin. Which is a good thing, especially after having all of that makeup on the entire day and rubbing it off agressively (like I do). It has a really neutral smell. It almost has no scent which is perfect! And another pro is the fact that it is a product against animal testing.

Bestand 01-06-15 18 13 37

The Coconut shimmer body butter (€16.00,- Free in the Netherlands if you spend more than €30,-!!!)

I got a free body butter!! Isn’t that cool or WHAT!! And besides that. I have never seen a body butter from the Body Shop with a shimmer in it. This body butter is a moisturizer for normal to dry skin. I have this extremely dry skin so my skin will drink this body butter. And it, of course, has a coconut smell to it. The shimmer is silver-ish but fades away really quick.

Bestand 01-06-15 18 13 52

Organic Cotton Rounds (€3.50,-)

I thought these were just normal cotton rounds. But, hold up, these are made out of 100% organic cotton. I got these, because there was this discount and really, I almost got them for free, so it is worth a try. It is soft and gentle to the skin. It promises a double sided cotton pad wich is textured and twice as nice. It has a textured surface to effectively remove makeup or nail polish and smooth side is ideal for gentle cleansing.

Bestand 01-06-15 18 14 03

The Pommegranate softening facial wash (€12.00,-)

Since I really have to wash my face a lot more often and not just use my Garnier wipes (sorry face), I bought this pommegranate face wash. Besides that, I am turning 22 at the end of July and I feel kind of old so.. Yeah. This facial wash is specially to prevent signs of ageing. Which I need 😦 I have a dry skin and yeah even if I am black, it might crack. It promises to softly clean and refresh the skin. The smell is also very refreshing (other than my Vitamine E face wash, which had a pretty disturbing smell to it when it got older..).

Bestand 01-06-15 18 14 15

The Vitamin E hydrating toner (€10.00,-)

Unfortunately, the pommegrenade toner was sold out. So I had to do it with this vitamin E one. I am already known with this since I bought a mini of it once. And this refreshes your skin perfectly. It promises to remove the last bits of makeup, prepare your skin for your moisturizer and give your skin a shot of vitamin E. Good to know, it is also alcohol free!

Bestand 01-06-15 18 14 26 Bestand 01-06-15 18 14 51

And last but not least, the shopper! (€5.00,-)

I love these shoppers. Because they are so convenient and they look really cute. On an off day I like to throw my stuff into it, and take it along. And the best part is, YOU CAN WASH THEM! Besides that, they don’t cost much and the benefit of it goes to the Body Shop foundation I think? So they can invest in fair trade. Good thinking Body Shop!

I hope you guys had fun reading this article. I will definetly keep you up to date about how these products work for me and what my opinions are.




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