Black? Brown? White?

Hi guys!,

I was just watching some makeup tutorials today. And I clicked on this one of a man doing contouring because I thought it was pretty interesting (honestly, men do their contouring way better than some women do, sorry ladies.).The first thing that caught my attention was that he actually took such light colored makeup that he actually got 3 to 4 shades lighter. It kind of made me wonder why, you would want to do that.

But then I was thinking. For ages, white people made sure that everyone darker than them was insecure about their skincolor. White was superior. The darker the person, how poorer he was. And I see that this form of discrimination is still there. Not in such drastic forms, but in such a cruel way. People don’t want to admit that racism is still on this earth. And they want to make it seem like a coincidence.

Honestly. How can it be a coincidence that only black men were shot in the States by policemen? How can it be a coincidence that people here in the Netherlands think about slaves or being poor and dumb when they see an African man? How can it be, that a young beautiful man is making his face whiter, to feel beautiful? I don’t think it is human to make people feel bad about their skin color. It is not good in general! But it makes me sad to see it happen.

If you are someone who is black, brown, yellow, red, white, or whatever skintone. You are beautiful. And besides that, Why would you want to go, and make someone feel bad about his or her skintone. Everyone is beautiful, Just how they are. Don’t ever change your appearance, because people say ugly stuff about it. Why you might ask me. BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ASF. And changing your appearance costs money, which you always need and can always spend better. And what if you did spend that money. And you don’t even like it? Then you have wasted your money.. And it wasn’t even beneficial. I mean you could have sent me the money (nah, save it, you might need it someday).

I really hope you liked this article!




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