First post

The last couple of years, I have spent a lot of time on the internet. And I have seen so many things which I love. But also things which I didn’t like so much. I am a lover of beauty, and I like to be up to date on the latest trends. Not only fashionwise, but with everything. News, internet trends, youtube trends, everything.

On this blog I will be posting loads of things. Things out of my daily life, but also beauty things and things about trends and the news.

Everything I will write on this blog is based on my personal opinion. I have also learned that not everyone on the internet can deal with things such as an opinion. What is an opinion? An opinion is something based on the thoughts of one person. These thoughts contain loads of things, like: personal experience, education, people they hang out with and their opinions, interests, the place where they grew up and of course how you are raised. So do not try and fill in the blanks if you try to make an impression of someone. You don’t know how heavy their luggage is. You don’t even know that it contains. Maybe it contains loads of sweets, maybe it contains a dead body. No one knows. You don’t know either. So don’t try to fill those parts in. It is okay not to know. Sometimes it is good to be surprised. And as you know, most of the times, surprises are kind of fun!




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